Mountain surf music straight from the heart of the Adirondacks

The Band

Photo Credit:  Gina Jordan

Eric ("Pup Tentacle") Peter

Eric Peter is the talented and irreverent lead singer and guitarist for Sons of Octomom. He started singing at the age of three, and by 13 was playing guitar and harmonica. Early musical influences included Credence Clearwater Revival, The Beatles, Isaac Hayes, Janis Joplin, Marty Robbins, Johnny Horton, and Neil Young.  After making the local rounds of garage bands, dances and talent shows during his teenage years in Schodack, NY, Eric was discovered at age 17  by a talent agent working with Nashville recording artist Mirinda (now known as Mirinda James).  For three years, Eric performed with Mirinda and The American Country Band, and in 1987 was nominated for male vocalist of the year by the Northeast Country Music Association.  At that time, Eric had the opportunity to play with a number of well-known artists, including the Hagar Brothers from Hee-Haw, Ray Peterson (whose 1950's hits included Corinna, Corrina and Tell Laura I Love Her), and Troy Shondell of the Shondells.  Over the years, Eric has performed with many talented musicians in NY's Capital Region in bands such as Castle, White Horse, Uncle Wiggly and the Nightcrawlers, and Live Bait.  Most recently, Eric has been performing throughout upstate New York as a solo artist, and playing together with the talents of Rocky and the Mooseknucklesthe Dark Marbles, and of course Sons of Octomom. Check out his complete schedule at

("Typhoon") Tyler Peter
Tyler Peter, a.k.a. Quinton Rampage Jackson, is the drummer for Sons of Octomom and a fan-favorite with the ladies (“Tyler, we LUV you!!!”).  He started drumming at age two by banging on his grandmother’s pots and pans until his sister hit him over the head with one of the pots.  At age four, his parents sprung for Tyler’s first real drum kit and the rest is history.  Although originally influenced by the bands of the ‘90’s, he was soon rocking out to Green Day, Rage Against The Machine, Creed, Scatterbrain, Three Days Grace, Nirvana, Frank Zappa, and the soundtrack to Repo Man. More recently his tastes have expanded into progressive rock, hard rock, death metal, rap, R&B, soul, hair metal, love ballads, jazz, fusion, swing, country, surf, and funk.  Tyler attended Schenectady County Community College’s music performance program for a year where he built a solid foundation in music theory and became even more of a bad-ass drummer. When not on the drums, Tyler sings and plays guitar, xylophone, and piano.  As he always promises his live audiences… “So now, here I am, rock you like a hurricane.”

Jeff ("The Kraken") Belding
Jeff Belding is the band's monster bass player and a backing vocalist, not to mention one heck of a dancer and performer. He is an award-winning multi-instrumentalist and plays (in addition to bass) guitar, banjo, mandolin, fiddle, piano, and drums. Jeff has studied at The Boston Conservatory, The New England Conservatory and the College of Saint Rose, where he received a Bachelor of Science in Studio Music, with a concentration in jazz guitar. His career has given him a diverse background in classical, jazz, New Age, rock, country, surf, and bluegrass musical styles. He is an accomplished teacher of music, and has performed with many bands and on a wide range of studio recording projects.  Jeff and Eric's history of playing music together spans  more than 25 years, starting when they were both members of the The American Country Show Band.  As Jeff is known to say...
"Music is my life's work. I'm just livin' the dream, man." 


John ("High Forehead") Donvito
John Donvito is a popular bass player and vocalist for Sons of Octomom. Most of John's musical training took place in his native home of Jamaica, where he regularly visits each February to immerse himself in the latest reggae stylings of the local artists. John is a graduate of Siena College and a veteran of the local music scene in NY's Capital Region.  The highlight of his career has been playing with master musician Eric Peter in bands such as Castle, Uncle Wiggly and the Nightcrawlers, and now Sons of Octomom. John has also played in a number of Van Halen tribute bands where he enjoys "pretending" to be former Van Halen bassist Michael Anthony.  When not playing music, John favorite pasttimes include collecting rent from his tenants in the Adirondacks, and coaching his son's baseball team.